BrightSign XD1035 | 4K Digital Signage Player XD5 Series

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BrightSign XD5 supports the demands of modern digital signage which relies heavily on HTML5 content and motion graphics. It is speci cally designed to power challenging 2D Web GL motion graphics in Full HD with speedy load times, smooth animations, and responsive interactions. Multi-touch interactions including pinch, zoom and swipe are supported for unique and engaging experiences. Real-time transformation of motion graphics linked to live data feeds always keeps your signage up to date. Power Over Ethernet (PoE+), self-encrypting SSD storage and a thin enclosure simpli es and safeguards deployments like never before.

With BrightSign XD5, you get powerful HTML5 performance optimized for HD motion graphics, highquality 4K video, simplified installations, and secure storage with room to grow.

• Powers challenging 2D Web GL motion graphics in Full HD with speedy load times, smooth animations, and responsive interactions
• Supports multi-touch interactions with Full HD resolution graphics including pinch, zoom and swipe
• Real-time transformation of 2D motion graphics linked to live data feeds
• Plays 4K60p video with High Dynamic Range (HDR10)
• Rotates Full HD video, and performs dual HD video decoding
• Streamlines deployments with one less cable using the PoE+ Ethernet port to power the player
• O ers optional SSD storage that is secure, self-encrypting, and supports high capacities
• Expands connectivity options with 2 USB ports (Type A & C)
• Operates in tight spaces & extreme conditions with its ultra-thin design & patented aluminum enclosure
• Runs our purpose-built BrightSign OS delivering legendary reliability, security, and uptimes

Built for Revolutionary HTML Experiences
Delivers standout graphics capabilities.
Ultra-smooth 2D motion graphics, looping video, live data, and more
Highly responsive multi-touch gestures
Accelerated content load times
Real-time transformation to live data feeds
Streamlined deployments with PoE+ and expanded I/O capabilities
Secure high capacity SSD storage option with self-encryption

4K Content Engine
Deploy brilliant 4K experiences.
Runs stunning 4K video at 60fps with 10-bit decoding
Supports dual HD video decoding with Full HD rotation
Create customized content layouts, resolutions, and aspect ratios
Delivers multi-format displays across video, graphics, and live data

Streamlined Connectivity
Deliver captivating experiences at scale.
Expanded connectivity with multiple I/O options
Streamlined deployments with PoE+
Control lighting, audio, video, and animations from a single player
Runs purpose-built BrightSignOS

MODEL XD1035 Expanded I/O
4K60p video decoding X (10-bit)
Full HD video decoding X
Single HD video rotation X
HDR10 and HLG X X
Full HD images & graphics X
Supports customizable display resolutions with unique aspect ratios X
HTML5 performance level Enterprise Performance Powers challenging 2D Web GL motion graphics in Full HD with multi-touch interactions
4K Video codecs: H.265 at 60p and h.264 at 30p X
4K Video Containers: .ts, .mov, .mp4, .mkv X
Full HD Video Codecs: H.265, H.264(MPEG-4, Part 10), MPEG-2 X
Full HD Video Containers: .ts, .mpg, .vob, .mov, .mp4, .m2ts X
Images: BMP, JPEG, PNG X
Audio: MP2, MP3, AAC and WAV (AC3 is passed through) X
HTML5: .html, Chromium-based, CSS, JavaScript, WebGL X
HDMI™ Output 2.0a 1
USB Type C port: supports high-speed host mode & provides 5V/1A power to peripheral devices 1
USB Type A port: provides 5V/1A power to peripheral devices 1
12-pin Phoenix GPIO port with 8 bidirectional GPIOs X
3.5mm RS-232 Serial Port X
3.5mm IR In/Out X
3.5mm Audio Out (analog & SPDIF digital) X
Gigabit Ethernet with PoE+ (Power over Ethernet) X
Primary Storage: External micro SD slot protected by a tool-less cover X
Optional Storage: M.2 PCIe for NVMe SSD X
Optional Wi-Fi/Bluetooth: E Key M.2 Interface for WD-105 module X
Status LEDs 4
Reset and Service Buttons X
Real Time Clock with 14-day life X
Locking Power Connector X
BP200 & BP900 USB Button Pads X 
WD-105 Dual Antenna Wireless/Bluetooth Module X
MicroSD Class 10 Cards (various capacities) X
BrightSign Mobile USB Modem X
BrightSign OS X
Free BrightAuthor:connected or BrightAuthor software X
Free Control Cloud X
Subscription-based Optional Optional
BrightSign Mobile Service Optional Optional
Perfected Industrial Design - Simplified Wi-Fi & SSD installation & Patented aluminum enclosure dissipates heat X
Dimensions (W x D x H) 205 x 185.9 x 19.2 x mm 8.07 x 7.32 x 0.756 in
Shipping weight 1.3 kg
Player weight 0.63 kg
Power 12V / 3A (30 Watts)
Multi-Country Power & Regulatory Approvals X
Built-in Wall Mounting Brackets X
1 year warranty, parts and labor X


Data sheet

Video Output
Max Output Resolution
4K (4096 x 2160) 50/60 fps
Network Connection
PoE Technology
4K 10-bit
Dual Full HD Video
HD Video Rotation
Optional Mobile USB Modem
USB-A Output
USB-C Output
USB for Peripheral Devices

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