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HED-DC150V 2-ch Digital LCD Simultaneous Battery Charger with Power Bank Function
The HED-DC150V is a Digital LCD Dual battery charger that conveniently charges two professional batteries simultaneously. Using the latest battery charging technologies, with zero-volt charging activation, allows you to charge two batteries at the same time saving you both time and money. The LCD display with blue backlight illuminations provides a clear, accurate, and precise display of power and charging status. Equipped with extra support stands, greater stability is provided when charging only one battery. Using the dedicated Hedbox DC Power Cable RPC-DC4X4 4-pin XLR female to male, the HED-DC150V becomes a powerful power bank station.

LCD Display Screen with Back-light
LCD Display provides a clear, accurate, and precise display of power status, charging status, battery channel status, and power bank mode. The displayed charging mode provides a clear insight into the way in which the charging mode is used to charge your professional battery. With a bright and intense blue color light, the readout function is enabled in the dark, giving you the possibility to use the charger at any place and at any time.

Power Station Mode
The HED-DC150V can easily become a very powerful power bank if used with a specially designed Hedbox professional high flexibility power cable RPC-DC4X4-4-pin XLR female to male (included in the box). The power output is DC16.5V, 4.5A / 75W and the capacity depends on the batteries used.

For this application use the cable: RPC-DC4X4 / 4-Pin XLR Male to Female Plug.

High-Quality Aluminium V-lock release
Adopting technology that allowed us to use a high-quality aluminum alloy V-lock release, the lock and unlock provide up to 10,000 cycles for a V-mount battery on the plate.

Charging Technology
Intelligent charging systems integrate the control systems within the charger and the electronics within the battery to allow precision control over the charging process. A pre-charging stage (trickle charge) is used as a safety precaution with high-capacity batteries. The mix of Constant Current and Impulse Voltage (CC/IV) charging mode is the maximum effective way where HEDBOX technology charges Lithium-Ion Batteries to their full efficiency.

Constant Current & Impulse Voltage
The Constant Current charging method is used to charge the battery from 0% to 80% of their SOC ( State of Charge Capacity). When the battery is charged to 80%, the Impulse Voltage charging takes over until the battery reaches 100% of SOC. The charger CPU automatically adjusts the charging current to be lower than the max charging current that the battery can accept. When the battery is fully charged, this state is stopped.

Integrated locking support stand
The HED-DC150V is equipped with extra support stands making it easy to operate. The support stands to provide extra stability while charging only one battery.

DC Out 16.5V, 4.5A / 75W
With a 4-pin XLR female connector on the front panel, the HED-DC150V provides extra DC output for supplying constant power to external units like professional camcorders, video monitors, LED lights, and other professional broadcast products. Connected with specially designed Hedbox professional high flexibility power cable RPC-DC4X4-4pin XLR female to male (included in the box), the charger can be used as an AC-DC adaptor of DC 16.5V, 4.5A / 75W output.

Tech specifications
Model : HED-DC150V Intelligent Dual Digital Professional Battery Charger
AC Power In : AC 110 – 240V , 50/60Hz
Battery Mount : V-Lock and V Mount Battery Plate
Power Consumption : Max 85W
Power Output 1 : DC 16.8V / 3A Single Chanel / 2.4A Dual Chanel Charge
Power Output 2 : DC 16.8V / 3A Single Chanel / 2.4A Dual Chanel Charge
DC Power Out : DC 16.5V , 4.5A / 75W (max)
Power Bank Out : DC 16.5V , 4.5A / 75W (Capacity depends on the total capacity of the installed Battery Packs)
Charging Type : Ni-CD , Ni-MH , Li-Ion
Operating Temperature : –20°C to +45°C (–4°F to +113°F)
Dimensions (WxDxH) : 124 x 114 x 445 mm
Weight : 1.2 Kg
Charging Method : RP-DC150V uses an advanced mix of Constant Current and Impulse Voltage charging Methods

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