Libec HS-450M | Trépied vidéo avec Tête Fluide

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The HS-450M is ideal for camera configurations weighing up to 12kg, such as large sensor cameras with various accessories and small-sized shoulder cameras. Unlike other models in the HS series, this model is equipped with the robust RT40RB tripods legs designed with a higher rigidity and stability rating, which makes it better suited for heavier payloads. The Long Plate S, included in the kit, is handy for front to rear camera balance setups within its counterbalance range.

Perfect Balance
Libec's unique continuous perfect counterbalance system enables the camera to perfectly balance at any tilt angle. This smooth balance system makes it a lot easier for users to concentrate on precise camera movements, even when using a telephoto lens at its maximum zoomed position.

Newly Designed Fluid Head
From scratch, the fluid head was designed to dramatically reduce play inside its superior pan and tilt drag units, dramatically increasing its longevity. From start to finish, this new fluid head provides ultra-smooth movements and is equipped with many features that enhance a user's experience.

Counterbalance Meter
Equipped with a counterbalance meter with the measurement range of 0 to 100. This allows users to glance at the head's minimum/maximum inner spring strength, making camera balances on site a piece of cake.

Advanced Drag Unit
The layered metal unit in the drag system ensures operability, durability and reliability. Thanks to the finest silicon grease applied, the advanced drag unit offers smoother starts and ultimately improved backlash control. In addition, the grease provides ordinary pan and tilt movements at a wide temperature range from -40˚C/-40˚F up to +60˚C/+140˚F. The variable 4 step drag pan tilt system features a zero "free" mode option with no friction. Unlike other brand heads, there is no need to store it in its zero "free" mode.

User Friendly Accessory Port
Equipped on the fluid head's side, there are 1/4 and 3/8 inch screw holes allowing users to attach an accessory arm to hold monitors, lights and other accessories. Since the holes are located on the base, the payload capacity, center of gravity and front-rear balance of the head are not affected.

The Dual-head base specification allows for a quick set-up with both 75mm bowl and flat base tripods. The Dual-head base is also compatible with sliders, skater dollies, and photo tripods.

User Friendly Accessory Attachments
On the side of the fluid head, there are 1/4 and 3/8 inch screw holes to attach an accessory arm with a monitor or a light. Since the holes are located on the base, the payload capacity, center of gravity and front-rear balance are not affected.

Double-sided Serrations
Serrations are equipped on both sides of the head to accommodate an additional pan handle or other accessories.

Snap ON/OFF Sliding Plate
The slide plate can be attached and released with just one-touch. Quick and easy setups in the field are easily achieved.

Highly Compatible Slide Plate
Slide plate is compatible with Libec's TH-M, TH-X, TH-Z, and NX Series. This industry standard slide plate is also compatible with other brand tripod systems and accessories, allowing users to quickly swap between a wide range of camera supports.

LED Bubble Level
The bubble level is equipped with an LED light allowing users to level a tripod head in the dark. In addition, the counterbalance meter is also illuminated.

Safety Design
With safety in mind, the tripod legs are carefully designed to prevent users from pinching their fingers when intentionally or unintentionally collapsing their tripod.

1x Fluid Head: H45
1x Tripod: RT40RB
1x Spreader: BR-6B
1x Large rubber feet FP-2B
1x Long Plate S
1x Carrying bag: RC-50

Counterbalance range 4.5 to 10.5kg / 9.9 to 23.1lb (C.G.100mm)
Payload 12kg / 26.5lb
Counterbalance Perfect Balance
Continuous Counterbalance with Illuminated Meter
Pan drag mode Free plus 3 steps
Tilt drag mode Free plus 3 steps
Drag system Multilayered Metal Structure
Tilt angle +90° / -70°
Temperature range -40°C to +60°C / -40°F to +140°F
Bubble level Illuminated
Camera plate Sliding plate compatible with Manfrotto and Sachtler heads
Sliding range +/-30mm / 1.2"
Long sliding plate Included
Plate attachment 1/4" screw with video pin
Accessory attachments 1/4" and 3/8" screw holes
Spare screw 1/4" and 3/8" screws
Weight 6.6kg / 14.6lb
Height 83 to 171cm / 32.6 to 65"
Head attachment 75mm bowl
Pipe material Aluminium
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