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Upper Column with Perfect Balance Feature
Mid Column with Gas Spring Assist
The gas spring inside the P1000 pedestal supports the mid column's elevation, allowing safe and easy height adjustments and setups with heavy equipment.

Removable Structure for Easy Transportation
The P1000 can be easily disassembled into the P1000 Column, the steering handle, and the dolly. This makes the P1000 easy to transport within studios and outside broadcast sites.

High Performance Casters with Track Lock Mechanism
The high performance 125mm large casters are equipped with removable cable guards. The casters has a track lock mechanism which allows users to set and move the dolly in three different modes: Free Mode, Tracking Mode, and Steer Mode. The caster's locking sound is minimal. 

Easy-Read Air Pressure Meter
Air pressure can be easily checked with the air pressure meter.

Flat Base with High Compatibility
Not only compatible with Libec heads but other brand heads as well. With optional accessories, ball based heads can also be attached on this pedestal.

Drag Knob for Upper Column
Upper column friction can be adjusted to preferred settings with the drag knob.

The P1000 is equipped with the tracking locking mechanism and cable guards which come standard with the large-sized double-wheel 125mm / 4.9" casters. The tracking locking mechanism ensures straight-line movement by locking the caster direction, while the cable guards prevent the wheels from running over the cable during studio production.

Payload 60kg / 132lb (Including head)
Column Elevation Mechanism
Upper : Perfect balance supported by air pressure
Low : Gas Spring Assist
Column 2STAGE
Upper Stroke 41.5cm / 16.3"
Lower Stroke 39.5cm / 15.6"
Stroke Range 81cm / 31.9"
Head Attachment Flat Base with 4 bolts
Steering Handle Detachable steering handle
Pressure Adjustment Air Pressure (Standard Air Pump Equipped)
Kick Ring Available (Optional)
Height 68 to 149cm / 26.8 to 58.7"
Weight 26.3kg / 57.9lb


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