SHAPE RED KOMODO Production Pack KOROD | Baseplate, Rod System & Top Handle

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Designed to match the RED Digital Cinema Komodo 6K optical center with or without the KOMODO expander module
L-shaped top handle with Push-Button Technology
Top handle made of CNC aluminum and wooden Canadian maple
Top handle feature a tilting bracket to mount a monitor, a video light, or a microphone (up to 2kg)
Top plate designed with 15 mm LW rod bloc clamp
Side plates designed with ARRI rosette mount
Cage, handle and baseplate feature several anti rotating threaded holes (3/8″-16, 1/4″-20)
Made of CNC aluminum

What's in the box
(1) 15 mm LW baseplate
(1) Adapter plate
(1) Dovetail spacer
(1) L-shaped Top handle with tilting bracket
(1) Top plate
(2) Side plates with Arri Rosette
(2) 15 mm LW rod bloc clamp (15CTH)
(2) 1/4″-20 UNC socket head cap screws
(4) M4 screws
(1) 3mm HEX wrench
(1) 3/16” HEX wrench
(1 pair) rods 15 mm 12”

SHAPE camera cage with top handle for RED® KOMODO™ & KOMODO™ 6K PRODUCTION PACK (KOTHC)
The three-piece cage kit and L-shaped top handle offer protection and accessory-mounting threads for your RED Digital Cinema Komodo 6K camera.

The L-shaped handle features a solid connection to your top plate using mounting screws. It also features the SHAPE Push-Button Technology, enabling you to balance the weight and rotate the handle in the position you need for a 360-degree axis. The handle is constructed from anodized aluminium, and it is lined with a smooth, wooden finger grip made from Canadian maple. It features numerous 3/8″-16 ARRI-style anti-twist accessory threads.

The front section of the handle features a cold shoe designed to receive a spring-loaded cold shoe foot. This spring-loaded cold shoe foot is designed with a tilting mount bracket with 1/4″-20 threaded screw to mount accessories like a monitor, a video light, or a microphone weighing up to 4.4 lb.

Moreover, each end is secured with a knurled locking knob. Once the accessory is mounted, you can tilt it forward or backward and place it at the desired angle. The position is lockable with the included Allen key.

SHAPE camera cage for RED® KOMODO™ & KOMODO™ 6K Production pack (KOCAGE)
The three-piece cage kit offers protection and accessory-mounting threads for your RED® KOMODO™ camera. This lightweight, three-piece cage maintains access to your camera’s controls and ports and come with thread holes side plates with M6 ARRI rosette on both sides. Made of CNC anodize aluminum., the top plate (KOMOTP) can be mounted strongly at the top of your RED® KOMODO™ camera using two 1/4″-20 UNC socket head cap screws. The plate features 3/8″-16 and ¼ 20 UNC threaded mounting holes, including the ARRI anti-rotating system to better secure your accessories. Two removable 15 mm LW rod bloc clamp (15CTH) can be mounted at the front of the top plate, allowing easy positioning of your accessories. Each sides of the rod bloc clamp are also designed with a ratchet system to strongly secure your rods to the rig.

Side plates threaded holes:
(2) 3/8-16 with anti-rotating
(2) ¼-20 with anti-rotating
(1) Arri Rosette mount on each side plate

Top plate threaded holes:
(1) 3/8-16 with anti-rotating
(4) ¼-20 with anti rotating
(9) ¼-20

15 mm LW clamp for top handle (15CTH)
The clamp is made of CNC aluminum and can be attach to our REVOLT Top Handle. The clamp is designed to support a 15 mm stud, like our REVOLT EVF Mount Bracket. The ratchet knob device let you adjust and strongly fix the position of the stud to top handle.

SHAPE RED® KOMODO™ & KOMODO™ 6K Production pack 15 mm lightweight Baseplate (B15KOMO)
The 15 mm LW Baseplate system is designed to match the RED® KOMODO™ optical center with or without the expander module. It features an adapter plate, a dovetail spacer with Arri rosette mounts and a 15 mm LW baseplate. Strongly mount the dovetail plate at the bottom of your camera body with 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 screws. The dovetail plate slides into the dovetail spacer which is mount to the 15 mm LW baseplate. Simply slide out from your dovetail spacer and slide it back into your ronin 2 gimbal system without having to screw or unscrew any plates. The dovetail spacer can receive SHAPE Arri rosette on both sides and features 3/8″-16, ARRI-style anti-twist threads to mount accessories. The 15 mm LW baseplate comes with a pair of 15 mm rods 12” and the bottom of the plate features several 1/4″-20 and 3/8″-16 mounting holes for mounting and balancing your camera on equipment like a tripod.

15 mm 12" rods (15TUBE12)
One pair of SHAPE 15-mm aluminum rods for your compatible camera rig. Mount any 15-mm compatible accessories and form the support structure of your rig.
15-mm diameter
12-in length
Hollow, non-threaded
Tapered ends for easy connection to a rod block
Aluminum coated with a clear finish


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Dovetail Plate
Top Handle
Camera Cage

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