Atomos Ninja Cast | Video Mixer & Recorder, 4x HDMI, USB Streaming

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Ninja CAST The combination of the Ninja V and AtomX CAST becomes the Ninja CAST.
Ninja CAST is for video creators or anyone who wants to make broadcast quality multi-camera programs simply and quickly from anywhere. Add professional broadcast quality features to your online meetings, presentations, remote learning/training, virtual conferences, demonstrations or engaging corporate videos.

Best of all, Ninja CAST is simple and easy to use — you don’t need to be a video professional to achieve great looking results.

Broadcast features for everyone
Ninja CAST is a fully functional stand-alone switcher, multiview monitor and broadcast quality recorder that does not require a computer to function.

With a high quality 5” HDR touchscreen monitor, 4 x HDMI inputs and physical buttons, the Ninja CAST is the ultimate portable live switching & streaming solution. Adding Ninja CAST to your production arsenal also gives you the multi-award winning Ninja V – the ultimate 5″ HDR monitor-recorder. As an on-camera monitor, the Ninja V records up to 5.9Kp60 ProRes RAW, provides accurate HDR and LOG>PQ/HLG monitoring and more. 

Simple Switching & Streaming
The flexible control options of Ninja CAST allow you to use either the touchscreen or the physical buttons to ‘switch’ between sources to select the output for your WebCAST or BroadCAST. The illuminated buttons for each input and colored LED lighting for Program and Preview status further simplifies operation and allows you to easily switch & livestream in dimly lit environments.

Connect any full HD video source
Connect mirrorless or DSLR cameras, video cameras, computers, consoles or even pre-recorded content via HDMI. There’s no need to worry about synchronization, as you can mix and match frame rates up to 60p.

Integrates Seamlessly
With the Ninja V docked in, the AtomX CAST connects via USB-C to your computer and appears as a high-quality webcam. Plug and play allows it to work immediately with all your video applications like Zoom, Teams and Skype without the need to install drivers on the computer first. Add up to 4 camera inputs to bring your presentation or meeting to the next level.

Integrated Monitor
Having an integrated monitor allows you to see the incoming signals as a multiview display, without having to connect an additional monitor. With the Ninja V docked into the AtomX CAST, you can utilize its high quality 5” touchscreen for setup and the monitor-assist tools for exposure, focus and image analysis for optimising your shots. In the single input view, Ninja CAST also offers all the same essential monitor assist tools available from your Ninja to allow you to nail exposure and focus on individual inputs.

Enhance your brand, your video and your reach
Sophisticated features like logos, mast head graphics and lower third titles will make your productions look incredible, and the dedicated controls for these functions make them easy to use. Add custom graphics for branding your content, with support for transparency, sponsors’ logos and other on-screen information to your production and configure the layout on the Ninja touchscreen.

One of the benefits of using Ninja CAST with a multi-camera setup is that you can use the Picture-in-Picture function to display two inputs at the same time. Any of the four HDMI inputs can be used for a Picture-in-Picture effect over the program output with controls for size and location of the overlayed image. You can display a close-up of a product on your desk and display your face as a Picture-in-Picture at the same time whilst you talk about the product.

Configurable and adaptable
As AtomX CAST is so compact and versatile, users can easily work alone or with a team to enhance their productions. Solo operators can transport the Ninja CAST in a small backpack and then use it discreetly with compact mirrorless cameras for productions of any size. For larger setups, the Ninja V/V+ HDMI output can be used as a secondary output that can be set up as a duplicate program out, preview monitoring for the crew or talent, or to connect to a larger multiview display.

Ready for advanced workflows
AtomX CAST connected to a Ninja V is a fully functional stand-alone switcher, but you can also use it with a computer for more advanced video work. In this mode, AtomX CAST and Ninja V does the heavy lifting, taking the load off your computer and reducing the likelihood of software crashes with dedicated external video processing.

Simply add AtomX CAST as a media source in OBS, X-Split and VMix to make use of the software application’s additional graphics and scene configuration while using the CAST for video input switching.

Stand out from the crowd
Using Ninja CAST with a camera that has a clean HDMI output and your choice of lens allows you to bring professional production values to any online video stream or meeting. Bring a cinematic look that is dramatically different from the image and impact of your message, putting yourself ahead of the crowd relying average webcam. Utilize the tool in the Ninja V to check your light, camera angles and sound, and you will soon be making professional quality video productions. Many older HD camcorder or photo cameras can output great looking video via its HDMI port, bringing new life to equipment you may already own and let multi-camera enhance your productions.

Broadcast Quality Switching and Recording
Recording and Codec options With professional 10-bit 4:2:2 inputs, you get broadcast quality switching and the ability to record in broadcast quality codecs like Apple ProRes or Avid DNx.

Built in versatility
AtomX CAST can deliver to a worldwide audience by sending a stream to your favourite streaming host, output a broadcast quality video signal to a local display, digital signage or video wall, and record with high quality edit-ready video codecs.

Physical Specifications
Dimensions (W x H x D mm) 129 mm x 70 mm x 160 mm
Weight 845g / 1.86lbs
Mount points Anti rotational 1/4” 20 / 3/8 on base of unit

Ambient operating temperature Up to 40° C

Construction and Control
Body AtomX CAST: ABS plastic with locking arm. Ninja V: Aluminium alloy chassis with ABS Polycarbonate back plate.
Cooling Active
Tally light Record tally via Ninja V. Program and Preview illumination on CAST buttons
Control Buttons 4 x Switching, 4 x Function
Multi-function button Power / lock Screen
AtomXpansion slot Yes, on AtomX CAST to connect to Ninja V (no module stacking or pass through)
Master control unit (MCU) No

Input voltage 6.2V to 16.8V
Compatible batteries D-tap batteries via optional Atomos DC to D-Tap cable
Continuous power Via DC connector
DC in connector Locking DC connector from Ninja V DC power supply
Dtap Via optional Atomos DC to D-Tap cable

Touchscreen NINJA V - SuperAtom IPS panel (capacitive touch)
Size 5.2"
Resolution 1920 x 1080
PPI 427
Bit depth 10-bit (8+2 FRC)
Backlight Type Edge lit
Brightness (cdm2 / nits) 1000
Aspect ratio 16:9
De-interlace mode Interlaced to Progressive
Color Gamut Rec.709
Calibration support Atomos Calibrator with Calibrite ColorChecker Display Pro / ColorChecker Display Plus

Color Pipeline
Gamma NINJA V - Sony SLog / SLog2 / SLog3, Canon CLog / CLog2 / Clog3,Arri Log CEI160 / LogCEI200 / LogCEI250 / LogCEI320/ LogCEI400 / LogCEI500 / LogCEI640 / LogCEI800 /LogCEI1000 / LogCEI1280 / LogCEI1600, Panasonic Vlog,JVC JLog1, Red LogFilm / Log3G10 / Log3G12, FujiFilmFlog, PQ (HDR10), HLG, Nikon N-Log, Olympus OM Log, Lecia L Log
Gamut NINJA V - BT2020, DCI P3, DCI p3 65, Sony SGamut / SGamut3 / SGamut3.cine / Canon Cinema / DCI P3 / DCI P3+ / BT2020, Panasonic V Gamut, Arri Alexa Wide Gamut, Rec709, JVC LS300, Red DragonColor / DragonColor2 / RedColor2 /RedColor3 / RedColor4 / RedWideGamut
3D LUT Display NINJA V - .Cube Format. CAST - Not currently available during CAST operation
3D LUT Output NINJA V - Loop Out. CAST - Not currently available during CAST operation
3DLUT 50/50 NINJA V - Yes. CAST - Not currently available during CAST operation
Monitoring Modes NINJA V - Native / HLG / PQ / 3D LUT
HDR output Conversion NINJA V - Log / HDR to HLG / PQ / Dolby Vision

Video Input
HDMI 1 x HDMI 2.0 up to 4kp60 (Ninja V Stand alone use)
HDMI RAW Apples ProRes RAW up to 6K (Ninja V Stand alone use)
SDI Optional via AtomX SDI module (Ninja V Stand alone use)
SDI RAW Optional with AtomX SDI + SDI RAW activation (Ninja V Stand alone use)
Bit Depth 10-bit
Video Chroma Subsampling 4 2 2

HDMI RAW - white balance, Exposure index, Shutter speed/angle, Iris F stop, ISO, Gamma, gamut (Ninja V Stand alone use)
SDI File name from Arri, RED (Ninja V Stand alone use)

Video Output
HDMI CAST - HDMI 1.4b up to 1080p60 - Program ONLY. NINJA V - Multi function out - Program, Preview or Multiview
SDI loop out Optional Via AtomX SDI module (Ninja V Standalone use only)
SDI Play out Optional Via AtomX SDI module (Ninja V Standalone use only)
Multiview Yes, via Ninja V
Video Chroma Subsampling 4 2 2
Bit Depth 10-bit

Web Streaming
USB UVC USB-C up to 1080p30

Video Signal Conversion
HDMI to SDI Optional Via AtomX SDI module (Ninja V Stand alone use)
SDI to HDMI Optional Via AtomX SDI module (Ninja V Stand alone use)

Audio In/Out
Audio Quality 24/48kHz
Audio Codec PCM
HDMI 2ch 24-bit, input dependent per input
Analogue Audio in 3.5mm via Ninja V
Headphone out 3.5mm via Ninja V

Timecode / Sync
Embedded HDMI
LTC Via 3.5mm audio Jack input - requires post processing (Ninja V Standalone use only)
Wireless SYNC Via Optional AtomX SYNC Module (Ninja V Standalone use only)

Resolution and Frame Rates (Record, Monitor & Playback)
4k DCI 23.98/24/25/29.9/30/50/59.94/60p (Ninja V Standalone use only)
4k UHD 23.98/24/25/29.9/30/50/59.94/60p (Ninja V Standalone use only)
2K DCI 2046 x 1080 Optional via AtomX SDI module (Ninja V Standalone use only)
Anamorphic 3.5k: RAW up to 60p from supported cameras (Ninja V Standalone use only)
FHD 1920 x 1080 Progressive 23.98/24/25/29.9/30/50/59.94/60
FHD 1920 x 1080 PsF No
FHD 1920 x 1080 Interlaced 50/59.94/60
1280 x 720p No

Recording CODEC
Apple ProRes LT, 422, 422HQ
Avid DNxHD DNxHD 220x,220,145,36

Apple ProRes Yes, with Linear PCM audio
Avid DNx Yes, with Linear PCM audio

Recording functions
Pre-roll record Yes (HD 8s, 4K 2s) - Not available in RAW (Ninja V Standalone use only)
Switched Program Record Clean or CAST program record to Ninja V
Timelapse Yes (Ninja V Standalone use only)

Multi Input / Switching
SDI A/B toggle via optional AtomX SDI module (Ninja V Standalone use only)
Multiple HDMI input Up to 4 x HDMI up to 1080p60 (CAST)
Multiview Display Quad input display on Ninja V Display
Multiview Ouput Via Ninja V HDMI out - Set to Program, Preview or Multiview
Picture in Picture (PIP) Any input over Any input, 4 positions in small or large size PIP
Graphic overlays Select layout for Stored Graphics in Ninja V and save configured scene presets
Media pool storage Upload and Store Graphics in Ninja V
Input transitions Fade in / out and Dip to - White / Black

Supported media
SSDmini Yes. The included AtomX SSD mini handle adaptor is recommended
File System ExFat

On screen tools
Waveform Yes, 3 size / position
RGB parade Yes, 3 size / position
Vector scope Yes, 2 size / position
2 x Zoom Yes
Focus peaking Color selected / threshold setting / color / mono / edges only
False colour Yes, with scale
Zebra Yes, adjustable
Isolate color channel Blue Only
Cine Frame Guides 2.4:1, 2.35:1, 1.9:1, 1.85:1, 4:3
Social Frame guides 9:16, 1:1, 1.91:1, 4:5
Safe areas Action and Graphic
Grid markers 9 grid
Anamorphic desqueeze 1.25x 1.33x , 1.5x ,1.8x ,2x
Display Flip Vertical Only

Onboard Signal Processing
Pulldown Removal Interlaced to Progressive

Remote control
HDMI Auto HDMI Trigger, Supported Protocols - Canon, Sony, Atomos Open Standard (Ninja V Standalone use only)
SDI SDI trigger camera selectable (Ninja V Standalone use only)
USB Via cast software over USB

External Device Control
Serial 2.5mm Jack Not supported

Supported Applications
Video Codecs Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, YouTube, Facebook Live, OBS, Twitch

What’s in the box
Accessories included Ninja V, AtomX CAST, International Power supply, USB-C cable, SSDmini Handle Adaptor, MasterCaddy II, Travel case & sleeve
Optional extras ATOMDTPCB2 - D-Tap to DC cable, ATOMDCK004 - USB-C 3.1 Docking Station, ATOMDCK003 USB-A 3.0 Docking Station

Standard 1 year. Extended to 3 years on product registration


Data sheet

Video Input
Video Output
Audio Input
HDMI Embedded
Mini Jack 3.5mm
Audio Output
HDMI Embedded
Mini Jack 3.5mm
Max Output Resolution
4K (4096 x 2160) 50/60 fps
Output colour sampling
RGB 4:4:4 10-bit
Built-in scaler
Video input channels
USB video capture
Tally Light

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